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Sri Sri Babamoni - Miracle

Photograph of my great Guru

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Photograph of my great Guru
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The more important about a guru not his photograph but his motto.

Akhanda MandaleshwerSri Sri Swami Swarupananda Paramhansa

Sri Sri Babamani

Spiritual Art, Music & Dance

Spiritual Art, Music and Dance play an important role in all traditions and cultures. The expressions are different but the goal is usually to stimulate the connectedness, communion and spiritual experience of a group or an individual. Spiritual Art, Music and Dance communicates directly to the Soul and affect us on a subtle and often unconscious level. There is a saying that "one image is more than thousand words� and that is also the case for music and dance.

The Great man who always hide himself

Sri Sri Babamoni 

Akhanda Mandaleshwer

Big God
Two men went fishing. One was an experienced fisherman, the other wasn't. Every time the experienced fisherman caught a big fish, he put it in his ice chest to keep it fresh. Whenever the inexperienced fisherman caught a big fish, he threw it back.
The experienced fisherman watched this go on all day and finally got tired of seeing the man waste good fish. "Why do you keep throwing back all the big fish you catch?" he asked.
The inexperienced fisherman replied, "I only have a small frying pan."Sometimes, like that fisherman, we throwback the big plans, big dreams, big jobs, big opportunities that God gives us. Our faith is too small.
We laugh at that fisherman who didn't figure out that all he needed was a bigger frying pan, yet how ready are we to increase the size of our faith?
Whether it's a problem or a possibility, God will never give you anything bigger than you can handle. That means we can confidently walk into anything God brings our way.
You can do all things through God. Nothing is too big for God.
Stop telling God you've got BiG  problems. Tell your problems you've got a BIG GOD!

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