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Sri Sri Babamoni - Miracle

Ashram and Akhanda Mandali

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Ashram and Akhanda Mandali
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On this page I'll provide detailed directions or a map to our location.


Whatever you want,

Nothing can be for your own shake.

Now you want a cupful tea

Hot or cold ;

Never you believe your own image.

There is a boundary surrounding

The self, affection, love, and hope,

Even we put forward steps

From noon to afternoon,

Light always moves obliquely

From growing joy to happiness.

No one wants to be a brown,

Brown to yellowing,

As a leaf falls from tree.

Still we enchant the verse of

High holiness,

Believe or not ,

Man and matter never end,

Murmur the beauty of nature,

Nothing could be stored

Within heart for high heaven.

Contact time over telephone/chatbox
5.00 am to 8.00 am
7.00 pm to 9.00pm

The whole website is absolute free for everyone.  Donation is strictly prohibited.