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On this page we will insert some of our visitors testimonials, for example:

  • Comment posted by Debajyoti Purkayastha( ), 02/19/2007, 6:18 am:
    The content provided here on Babamani's background is very valuable for all of us.It is indeed a nice effort.Keep it up.
  • Comment posted by Dr JC Sharma( ), 02/19/2007, 5:21 pm:
    in todays world ,probably only modern path is shon by babamani. when i read akhanda samhita i get tremendous moral boosting and high degree of self confidence. u r doing an excellent job. jai guru.
  • Comment posted by Amalendu Sarkar( ), 04/18/2007, 2:12 pm:
    Your distinguish work in the field of spiritual light has really a landmark for the new generation to follow.I can extend and express my hearty congratulation and best wishes for the work to guru.
  • Comment posted by Nabajyoti Choudhury( ), 11/12/2007, 1:14 pm:
    Dear Dada,Joy Guru, The site updation is a wonderful work done and spread the holy message of Babamoni all across the World.I am sure our Garubahi and Gurubons watching this site sitting from scattered geography will join hands to complete Babmoni's undone Work-"The Multiversity" and lots more.We are all with you.Wish u best of Luck. 

Comments posted by Francis Ananda Love :
I've just briefly visited your very wonderful website.  The site itself made no sound, altho the movements on the webpage made me think sound should be there......... .. you might want to check your sound on that, and the music I am now happily listening to.
your site is great. don't let any small minds and ignorance block you from enjoying doing what you know is good, and also feels good.  You are giving a great gift to all who visit your site; and so also to disciples ... thus be happy and free.  Don't pay attention to negativity in others.   Listen to their complaints for any validity; and if not, worry not.
........... for now .. it is NOT a sin to serve the divine; and it is only ego which complains about the doing of such by others.
also .. when the guru dies, it is the egos which take over.
be free, be happy, and enjoy your lila.

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Visitors comments

  • Comment posted by Dr.Ranajit De( ), 05/09/2007, 7:00 pm:
    your site was a wonderful endevour for the followers of this generation.
  • Comment posted by Swapan Chakraborty( ), 06/04/2007, 12:28 am:
    Thank you...thank you very much, looking for this web site so long , finally got it.... we have formed an akhandamandali in New York and New Jersey, USA and doing Samabeto Upasona every week. Joy Guru.
  • Comment posted by Anupom Acharya( ), 06/25/2007, 5:46 pm:
    jaiguru&horiom to all my dear guru brothers & sisters. I would like to congratulate the person who has created this wonderfull website. Ihave been weating for so long for such a website. I am a resident of silchar,and have a akhandamondali in silchar which we visit on aregular basis.
Raghunath Mandal, Haldia Akhanda Mandali, Purba Medinipur.
...  Please align your website outlook to the main stream of srisribabamani.
 ......... all akhandas must rely upon srisribabamani & srisrimamani(babamani's uttaradhikarini). Srisri babamani said that my disciple may be world famous, we will feel proud for that but he must be under the leadership of sri sri mamani.If any disciple does any misconduct directly or indirectly with srisri mamani,then srisribabamani will not forgive him.  Srisri babamani said: obedience is the first requisite of a true disciple- akhanda sanghyer prati purna anugatya amder chai.
 Please keep pictures of srisribabamani,srisri sadhanadevi,srisri snehamoy Brahmachary & Sri Sri Babamani's uttaradhikarini srisrimamani only.

The whole website is absolute free for everyone.  Donation is strictly prohibited.